Photography Degree Programs: On Campus and Online Photography Degrees

Dinu Li is an interdisciplinary artist working with the moving image, photography, installation and … We’ll prepare you with the professional skills and experience to pursue a career through creative practice. Tutors will help to identify your personal strengths and interests and help you organise a work placement (typically two weeks’ duration or equivalent). Explore the world of contemporary photography and develop a unique body of work.

  • Amateur photographers take photos for personal use, as a hobby or out of casual interest, rather than as a business or job.
  • Have the freedom to develop your photography using our extensive analogue and digital facilities and resources.
  • The photography community from around the globe pays tribute to the most exceptional people in the field.
  • I also love that they have such a high focus on sport and extracurricular activities, and the Sports Village on the de Havilland Campus is a great resource.